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Who am I?
I'm Riley Dülberg (also known as Riley<9) (it/she/they). As a radio host @radio3fach I can follow my interests and dig deep into unknown territories in the virtual and queer realm.
What is a game beneath its surface? How does the internet change our perspective of art, relationships and reality? What happend with internet culture from the early 2000s? Is there an intersection between queerness and rom-hacks? Why is Hyperpop a genre? How does the concept of genre change our view of music and artists? Why is Kingdom Hearts gay?
Those and so many more questions need to be answered! Through interviews with experts, fans and artists, I aim to get closer and closer to the right answers.

From 2017 to 2020, I studied art history and Latin in Basel. And with that, the focus of my research today is still on images and language. Surprisingly enough, parallels between our present-day thinking and the ideas and art of antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance often emerge. With video games. With our fear of A.I. And how we conceive music and (digital) art too.

Screenshot of Scarlet Nexus (2021)

Screenshot of Scarlet Nexus (2021)

Vrancke van der Stockt, Bewening van Christus, circa 1455–60

Vrancke van der Stockt, Bewening van Christus, circa 1455–60

Where are these similarities coming from? Are they random? Are they deliberate? Are they timeless and detached from the zeitgeist?

Besides my work as a journalist, I develop small games (currently l'm learning Pico-8), make digital art and I take care of my friends!

Interests: Kingdom Hearts, Kid Icarus, Splatoon, Pokémon, Fragile Dreams, Klonoa, Hyperpop/rock, tiny indie-games, chatting, christian art, emo mindset, Piet Mondrian, taking photos, Wii U, 3DS, Tokyo Ghoul, Queerness, distorting reality and so many more!

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